Mirano (Venezia)

Villa Belvedere - the park and the Castelletto

The landscaped nineteenth century park has a lake, a hillock and a tower that was used as a belvedere. Among park there are the XXV Aprile (ex. Villa Morosini) and Belvedere villas, open to the local public and visitors from afar attracted by the beauty of the parks and the cultural events. Between the two villas is the Castelletto, a romantic folly built in the 19th century, now open after extensive restoration work. And there is the "Mulino di sotto", he lowe mill, an example of industrial archaelogy that was functioning until the end of the nineteen-sixties. Together they are the most attractive part of Mirano country.

Villa Belvedere - park and the Castelletto - Brenta's Villas - Brenta Riviera