Mira Porte (Venezia)

Villa Widmann Foscari

Charming example of 18th-century stately home, frescoed and decorated in a refined rococo style. Refinement is also the distinguishing feature of he first floor with its slender balconies surrounding fine and well-measured windows. The whole is dominated by a roof perforated by a large cross-vault wih tympanums repeating the motifs below. The side rooms are interstings but cannot compete with the remarkable reception hall where brilliant decorations by G. Angeli (1709-1798) emerge among stucoes and mock architectural effects. To the east is the Sacrifce of Iphigenia", to the west "The Rae of Heln, an ewaple of mythology revisited with joyful serenity. The rooms on the first flor face onto th central hall with the crafted gallery and walls decorated with monochromatic frescoes of mythological themes. The ceiling bears the final hymn of prais "The Glory of the Widmann Family". L vila, made complete by a delightful garden with statues and outbildings, was visited by a number of famous names (Goldoni, D'annunzio, Malipiero and Stravinsky)

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