Mira (Venezia)

Barchessa Alessandri

The Barchessa Alessandri stands beside the same named villa, at Mira, on the left bank of the Brenta Canal. The building is a beautiful example of seventeenth century architecture. Inside it has a cycle of important frescoes painted by G. Antonio Pellegrini (1675-1741), the one of his three works which are still in Italy and the one that mainly reflects his artistic innovation; according to the experts, it anticipates the eighteenth century painting so that Pellegrini was called the "Venetian rococo master at the European Courts". The Foresteria Alessandri was owned by the nobleman Cesare Alessandri who ordered the frescoes to be painted between 1702 and 1704 in order to use the building as a gaming house, a place to entertain guests with balls and arts festivals, for this reason it had to be so beautiful and of refined art. In the little ball room G.A. Pellegrini represented Ovidius Metamorphosis with such a triumph of light and bright colours, framed by fine gold. Close to it you enter the private gaming room; on the walls you can see the frescoes representing the passion of Antonio and Cleopatra, dominated by fantasy and mystery. At last, in the little living room, you can see the young Hannibal swearing rage against the Romans; the frescoes are framed by important architectural painting in trompe-l'oeil of great effect. This work has been estimated of extraordinary historic and artistic value by the Italian Ministry of Arts and it has been published in the most important art books. Guided visit to the Salon and to the frescoed rooms Cumulative ticket of € 9.99 for visiting the three Barchesse of Villa Alessandri and Villa Valmarana in Mira and of Villa Foscarini in Stra.

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