Mira Porte (Venezia)

Barchessa Valmarana

On one of the most suggestive and scenic bends in the Brenta stands the architectural complex of Villa Valmarana. The main part of the great country house - dating from the 16th century - was, alas, demolished in the early 20th century to avoid payment of a wealth tax. In 1734 the property originally belonging to the Valier family, was purchased by the Valmaran family and two L-shaped barchesse (colonnaded wings) were added, both featuring a monumental Venetian window and imposing colonnades. One wing was used as a grange and the order as guest quarters. The guest quarters, the only part open to the pubblic, is the most interesting: in point of fact, the interior still dispalys original firnishings and is richly frescoed by Michelangelo Schiavoni ( 1712-1772) known as 'Chiozzotto'. In 1908 the frescoes were plastered over to adapt the barchesse for use as a warehouse, stables, wine cellar and tavern, but were recovered in 1962 through thr work of the sculptor Luciano Minguzzi, then proprietor of the villa. On the ceiling of the central salon, the Glory of the Valmarana Family is depicted in a Tiepolo-like sky and in a original setting amid frolicking and country toil where the figures of Diana, Mars, Apollo and Minerva accompany ladies and ordinary folk who appear magically from the walls to observe the spectator from illusionary balconies. In the sides rooms are pictured of the liberal arts and scene paintings executed in chiaroscuro.

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