Vigonovo (Venezia)

Villa Sagredo

The elegant Villa Sagredo whose stones can relate the history of Vigonovo stands in the midst of the great park, nowadays the setting for important ceremonies. A Roman castle in the 4th century, destroyed by the Huns, rebuilt as a fortified Byzantine palace, in the course of its very long history the edifice has been continually remodelled until finally assuming the Veneto style we can admire todays. This dates from samewhere between 16th and 17th century and was mainly brought about by G. Battista Sagredo, one of the personages of Galileo Galilei's Dialogue on the two Chief World Systems. Apart from the stupendous Villa Sagredo (one of the architects belived to have been involved was Sansovino) Vigonovo is known as a centre for devotion to St Gerald, Bishop of Cinad in Hungary, one of the forefathers of the noble Sagredo family. To see decorated rooms, the ceilings, barchesse and the garden. Spaces used after restaurant.

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